NY resolutions…Where are you at? How are you doing so far? Do you need help?

Accountability is as important as setting the fitness goals, and establishing the plan…Take a look at what you have accomplished based on your short-term fitness goals you set for yourself….

  • Did good…Congrats…be proud of your accomplishment and move on to the next phase towards your longterm goal.

Remember the body adjust to demand…it is time to shake up your workouts….Not sure what your next move should be….maybe its time to sit down with a Personal Trainer go over plan, get a new program designed that support the next phase of your goals and then keep at it.

  • Made progress but  not quite where I had hoped…why?

You should be proud of  what you accomplished but WHY? didn’t it meet your goal expectations.   Were your GOALS unrealistic or were you not fully committed to the plan you set out?  Maybe you need some outside help to get you started….consider sitting with a health professional to go over the you plan, possibly they could tweak it a bit to help you achieve your goals or maybe you need the help of a trainer to help you be more accountable for a little while, periodically or possibly for the duration of your plan.

  • In the same place as when I wrote out my GOALS!

That is unfortunate…but WHY?  Could be many things

  1. Not fully committed to putting the work required to meeting your goals

  2. Goals and plan were totally unrealistic

  3. Didn’t follow the plan

  4. Felt overwhelmed…

  5. Need help to get started…

But still wanting to achieve original GOAL!  A Personal trainer can help…to tweak program (program should be shaken up every 6-8wks),  Structure your plan (exercise week, nutrition log), provide you with many little tricks to keep you on track…, bring a vast amount of experience/knowledge to support you in the beginning, occasionally or on a regular basis…what every your needs may be!

Take the next step to meeting your Goals…ask for help!!!


~ by ellefitness on March 8, 2010.

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