Benefits of Zumba….


Zumba’s primary focus is always been FUN and some participant actually forget they are in an exercise class…thus the quote “exercise in disguise”.   What makes Zumba key is upbeat music to create that party atmosphere, the simplicity of the moves, lots of repetitions and that you are actually enjoying yourself with the bonus of getting a great workout.

Music selection is always critical for any Zumba class.  I have to love the songs, they have to inspire happiness and movement, and when I finally choose songs they also have invoke passion and motivation in my participants.  Each song is meant to have about 4 basic steps, lots of repetitions to facilitate the learning process and to allow you the flexibility to enhance the movements.  But as in all workouts you get what you put in to it….so if you are throwing yourself into the passion of the music and creating larger movements, engaging more body parts you will increase your benefit and achieve better results.

Zumba is a cardiovascular interval workout meaning the pace will increase and decrease throughout the class. It also targets some of our troublesome area like the waist and hips that tend to be more difficult to sculpt for many women.  The movements in Salsa and Samba differ from those you are accustomed to doing in your day-to-day activity like the twisting and shimmying  the torso, the winding and swivelling of the hips, and shaking and popping that booty like nobody’s business….lol. You can burn 500+ calories while enjoying yourself….because you are engaging more of your core while doing these cardiovascular moves you are using a greater percentage of your body…more muscles involved = more calories burned!

For sometime the feeling around exercise for many has not necessarily been a positive one…by creating a workout in a party like environment for you to dance, laugh, and move is changing how many view exercise!  Zumba brings energy, happiness and results to exercise…that keep us coming back class after class….yes coming back to exercise.  When is your next class?


~ by ellefitness on February 22, 2010.

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