Getting started towards meeting Health and Fitness GOALS

Made your Health and fitness Goals…FABULOUS!  Wrote your game plan..GREAT!  Committed the time into your schedule…AWESOME!   NOW Get started…what???

So often as a Personal trainer I have clients or potential clients that come to see me….with solid concrete GOALs but very unrealistic time lines or with Goals, realistic time lines but they need help to get started towards their desired results.  So ask yourself…

Was your plan healthy, and realistic?

weight loss 10 lbs this week…Not going to happen.  1-3 lbs a week…Absolutely doable

Plan looks great on paper but was it specific enough? Are your timelines achievable?  Will it be effective in meeting your goals?

Are you going to join a gym, get a workout buddy or go it on your own?

Can you do it on your own? or will you need HELP

If you had any uncertainty when you answered these questions then maybe it is time to get some guidance  from a Personal Trainer.  Personal Trainers are effective in helping you take that plan and help you make your goals a success.

Each person has different needs from a trainer

  • A few session to design and teach a new personalized program that support your goals
  • Do fitness/lifestyle testing  and assessment to offer you a snapshot where you are today
  • Periodic sessions to review your fitness logs to give recommendations, tweak your program and keep you focused on your longterm goals.
  • Regularly sessions to guide and motivate and/or keep you accountable during your day-to-day training.

Whatever your need their expertise will help you save time, keep focused and accountable to your fitness goals.

Your plan and preparation is as important as the Goal itself….but don’t waste time do something today…go for a walk/run, take a class, hit the gym. Take a step towards meeting that NEW GOAL!


~ by ellefitness on January 11, 2010.

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