Zumba is engaging Ottawa High School students in activity

The success of the Zumba class at Franco-Ouest High School in Bells Corners is amazing…the students bring excitement, endless energy and a fabulous spirit.  This is the second year a lunch hour  Zumba program is being offered at the Ottawa High School to students by Ellefitness.  The key is finding interesting, fresh and  fun ideas to engage our youth in activity….Zumba fill this and more.

There are so many benefits to Zumba…cardiovascular gains with a great interval training,  new movements that sculpt the torso strengthening your abs and back , but most of all by enjoying  the music, the dance and yourself with friends creates a positive attitude towards exercise.  In the last decade, the pure pleasure doing exercise has been lost as  many view their workout as one more chore to accomplish.  Zumba will changes this.  Zumba primary focus is FUN and is considered “exercise in disguise!”  People are enjoying themselves so much they don’t realize the time or the workout they have done and have created a positive feeling toward exercise .

Finding new ways to captivate our youth in activity of any form is of out most importance as they climb in obesity, increase in unhealthy food consumption and as they establish more sedentary lifestyles.   This alone is setting our future generation up for additional health risks as they move into early adulthood.  Zumba engages our kids by focusing on their interests….they love music…Zumba opens them up to new rhythms, diverse music selections and offering NEW fresh movement ideas and gives them some option to express themselves will benefit our next generation.  Our teens are very social…Zumba  brings them together to laugh, interact, dance with their friends while participating in structured exercise.  Today with the steady decline of teens participation in activity or sports especially girls finding new options to appeal to them is important. Teenagers desire to entertain themselves coupled with their need to an immediate gratification is always at the fore front…Zumba brings a party like atmosphere, focused on the now and attributes a positive attitude towards activity helping to erase the stigma of exercise being work!  In life they pushed to focusing on their future making their lives more stressful with higher expectation and  increasing demands on preparing them for adulthood they seek escape from the stress, demands constant push towards their future Zumba will  allows this while providing so many other benefits.

Zumba engages,entertains, and provides high school students opportunities to interact with their friends while helping them attain the benefits of a structured physical exercise program.


~ by ellefitness on November 15, 2009.

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