Chair Zumba to longterm care facility in Stittsville

I received  many smiles from the residents at Granite Ridge long term care facility as I introduced them to “Chair Zumba”.  As I prepared for the class, many were skeptical of how this would work and of what benefit it could possibly bring to the residents.  The morning started slow in fact Stephen,one of the younger residents, I believe was a little apprehensive about someone new and took great effort to turn himself away (change can be difficult when you rely on others for most of your basic needs).  So I approached him and asked if he needed help to orient himself towards the group…and he said quite assertively NO.  Well part way through the class he had someone help turn back and by the end he was enjoying the music, smiling and started a conversation with me.  Zumba was something fresh,and different and  although many were limited physically, they smiled, clapped their hands, tapped their toes and even talked about some of the traditional dancing they once enjoyed….Zumba added to their day…thank you to all of them for dancing with me

Sometimes small things we do can make a big difference in others people life.  It is in the works to bring  music and movement of chair Zumba weekly to Granite Ridge longterm care facility in the new year!!!


~ by ellefitness on November 11, 2009.

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